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Cambridge English exams in 'paritaria' and state schools

Preparation Centre V Authorized Centre - the difference

What is a Cambridge preparation centre?

A Cambridge preparation centre is a school, university or other institution that PREPARES students for Cambridge Exams and enters them through an authorised examination centre.

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What is a Cambridge Authorised Centre?

Cambridge Assessment English has an extensive global network of authorised exam centres. They:

  • administer the exams to Cambridge Assessment English quality standards
  • organise the recruitment and training of Speaking examiners
  • actively promote Cambridge Assessment English exams
  • ensure the security of confidential materials
  • comply with guidelines for use of our branding and logo
  • abide by financial arrangements, as outlined in the Centre Agreement
  • make a financial investment in setting up and running the centre.

Find a Cambridge Authorised Centre

Here you can find the authorised centres in your area.