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Exam day tips

Cambridge Assessment English COMPUTER-BASED exams

Here are some tips so you know what to expect on the exam day. These tips are for the parts of the exam that you do on a computer (not the Speaking test).

IMPORTANT! If you would like to practise with a computer-based test BEFORE your booked exam date, please contact us. We can arrange for you to come into school and familiarise yourself with this type of exam delivery. This service is free of charge, just ask! ( cambridgeit997@gmail.com )

Before the exam

Check the date, time and address of your exam. Your centre will send you this information. If you have any questions, contact your centre before the exam day.

Remember to check how long it will take you to travel to the exam., especially if your exam is at a weekend or on a holiday.

Get to the exam early. Follow the direction signs to find the exam room or go to the reception of the building and ask for directions. Your centre should send you a summary of the exam regulations, make sure you are familiar with them.

You can see the full regulations here...

Things to bring to the exam

Bring your identification, for example a passport or national ID card. It must be an original (not a copy) and must have a photo of you on it.
IMPORTANT! It must be the same ID that you used when you enrolled for the exam.

Bring pens and pencils. Your centre will also give you pens and pencils if you need them.

Do not bring food or drink to your desk in the exam room (except a bottle of water).

You cannot bring your phone or any other electronic devices to your desk in the exam. Your centre will tell you where to put them during the exam.

During the exam

Listen carefully to the instructions which the invigilator will read out.

Make sure you follow the exam instructions on your computer screen.

There is a timer on the screen which will tell you how much time you have to complete that section of the exam.

Do not talk to other people, or try to see what they are typing. If you have any questions, need help or want to leave the room, raise your hand to ask for help.

If you are doing a Listening test, check that you can hear the test properly. Raise your hand immediately if you cannot hear the recording.

At the end of each paper

At the end of the exam, leave any paper that you have used for notes on the desk. Do not take it out of the exam room.

Always stay in your seat until the invigilator gives you permission to leave the room.

If you have any questions or problems, tell the invigilator immediately.

After the exam

If you have registered for our Online Results Service we will email you as soon as your results are released.

Using the profile you created, log in to the Online Results Service and check your results.

Good luck with your exam!

Download Cambridge Assessment English computer-based exam day tips

Cheating warning

Cheating is treated very seriously by Cambridge Assessment English and if you cheat you will not get a result or a certificate.

Please view this poster and make sure that you understand what it says.