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Exam day tips

Candidate obligations

If a candidate detects an error on his or her exam entry document (Confirmation of Entry - COE) this must be communicated to the Examination Centre so that it can be amended before the date of the test. Candidates requiring special needs or assistance on the day of their examination must make a written request to the Exam Centre on or before the examination entry deadline date and submit the necessary documents for approval. Candidates failing to do this may not be granted special needs.

All candidates are required to follow the instructions given by exam day staff and to comply with the guidelines set out in the following documents: Summary Regulations i Notice to Candidates. It is especially important for candidates to observe the following points:

  • The use and possession of mobile phones and electronic items in the examination rooms and during the breaks between components.
  • Malpractice and fraudulent behaviour(copying, communicating with other candidates, identity fraud, etc.)
  • Breach of any regulation, rule or instruction that has been given verbally or in writing.

All candidates are expressly required to abide by the conditions of service and the examination regulations as a prior condition to take the examination.

Fraud and malpractice

By accepting the examination regulations and conditions of service candidates agree to behave adequately at all times during the examination session and to abide by the examination regulations set out by Cambridge Assessment English.

The rules and regulations on how candidates must behave during the examination are given in the Notice to Candidates. Centres will give a copy to each candidate. Anyone not following the instructions contained in this Notice may be stopped from taking the examination or may be subject to the Malpractice procedures, full details of which are available on www.cambridgeenglish.org/help/malpractice


Malpractice such as copying is likely to be noticed by the invigilator or supervisor, but may also be detected by examiners during marking and by statistical checks applied to candidates answers. Any candidate found to have been involved in malpractice will not receive a result. Candidates have the right to appeal, via their Centre Exams Manager, against any decision relating to malpractice, and details of the Cambridge Assessment English Appeals Procedure are also available on www.cambridgeenglish.org.

The use of offensive, rude or racist language in examination answers will not be accepted and an examination will not be marked or a result given if the examiner finds language like this. Cambridge Assessment English's decision on this is final.

Cambridge Assessment English examinations are marked by qualified examiners who are subject to a rigorous training and monitoring programme. Part of the monitoring of Speaking Examiners may involve the audio-recording of selected live interviews. Candidates should, therefore, be aware that their Speaking test may be recorded.

Any behaviour considered by the Cambridge Assessment English regulations to be fraudulent will result in the withdrawal of candidate results.

Download here the MALPRACTICE LEAFLET in italian.