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Preparation Centre Logos - Regulations for use

Recognizing our Preparation Centres

Cambridge Assessment English is happy to provide schools which actively prepare candidates for the Cambridge English exams with graphics(which are Cambridge English trademarks) to help promote exam preparation courses. Please note, however, that permission to use these graphics is dependent on you continuing to prepare students and your agreement (by use of any of these graphics) to comply with these regulations (which permission and compliance is governed by English law and subject to the English courts).

You are welcome to use the graphics ( with which you will be provided) in your publications or websites, as specified below, but in doing so you must accept that permission to use them may be withdrawn at any time, and that you must cease to use them (and withdraw any publications in which they are printed) if requested to do so by Cambridge Assessment English


For the avoidance of doubt you are NOT permitted to in any way use the Cambridge Assessment English shield logo (this may only be used by authorised examination centres).

You may use these graphics:

  • On publicity documents and other promotional material relating to preparation courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On press advertising that relates specifically to preparation courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On web pages that relate specifically to the preparation courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On signs, posters, etc, promoting courses for Cambridge English exams
  • On promotional goods (pens, pencils, T-shirts, caps, mugs and other items that are used to promote the examinations), provided that these are given away and not sold

You may not use these graphics:

  • On any certificate, invoice or other financial document
  • As part of an e-mail template or in any other electronic form other than as part of a web page as described above
  • In relation to any exams, tests or certificates provided by your centre other than the Cambridge English exams

Using the graphics

Cambridge English does not impose restrictions on the size or positioning of these graphics, but you must ensure that the logo and/or name of your school is displayed prominently

The graphics must always be used in exactly the format and proportions shown above. You must not under any circumstances attempt to alter or recreate the graphics or retype any of the wording. You must also ensure that any designer or printer working on your behalf complies with this requirement.

You should ensure that the colours are reproduced accurately.

You must not use a copy of these graphics obtained from any other source.